Beauty Tip: People Are Soaking Their Feet in Mouthwash and Vinegar

Beauty Tip: People Are Soaking Their Feet in Mouthwash and Vinegar

Clearly, we had to try this. 

By Wendy Rose Gould

You've probably seen that weird Listerine and vinegar foot soak hack that’s floating around the Internet. The combination of ingredients sounds absolutely bizarre, but people who’ve tried it swear that a quick soak makes dead skin magically slip off your poor, cracked, overworked feet.

To be honest, I was skeptical of this treatment the second I saw it. It has to be some guerilla marketing technique by Listerine, or a quasi-evil prank deployed by a bored beauty blogger from the middle of nowhere, right? But I am a sucker for hacks, and I figured the only thing I had to lose was a smidgen of my integrity, a half hour of my time, and a cup's worth of expensive mouthwash.

The recipe is pretty straightforward: one cup of blue Listerine (it has to be the blue one for some reason), one cup of vinegar (regular or apple cider is OK), and two cups of warm water. You'll also want some sort of foot scrubber, as well as a scrub. I'm using Tweezerman Sole Smoother and Bath & Body Work's Waikiki Beach Coconut Sand & Sea Salt Scrub.

Combine the ingredients in a tub and let your feet soak for about 15 to 20 minutes. Note that I am using an IKEA baking dish because I lead the bougiest life.

After the time has elapsed, rinse your feet and scrub away the dead skin.

If you desire, follow up with a foot or body scrub for even better results. Then lotion up and check out the results.

Speaking of results, here's a quick before and after:

You can see a slight improvement. My feet are definitely more moisturized and less cracked, and there's clearly a layer of skin that's been removed. However, the claims of skin just peeling away turned out to be false for me. The whole process required a great amount of scrubbing.

Bottom line: This works the same as soaking your foot in some Epsom salt and hot water, only it smells 20 times worse and is more expensive. If you’re looking for a drastic, disgustingly satisfying foot treatment that literally causes skin to fall off your feet, try Baby Foot. Just heed my advice and don’t do the treatment three days before a romantic vacation with Bae because it’s not sexy.

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