Woman Goes On Nasty Text Rant After Man Won't Sleep With Her On First Date

Woman Goes On Nasty Text Rant After Man Won't Sleep With Her On First Date

After being rejected, this gal lost her mind.

By Marianne Garvey

Now he knows how women feel.

A man who went on a first date with a woman then refused to sleep with her was hit with a barrage of angry texts from her after she got home.

The anonymous guy grew so tired over her pushiness he posted their exchange on image sharing site Imgur, without revealing the woman’s identity.

Starting with “Can I ask you something?” the texts just get increasingly forward and uncomfortable. “Why didn't we have sex last night?”

The man was direct, saying he just wasn’t into it. “I’m not really sure. Just didn't feel like it. That bad?” he replied, which somehow pushed the right button and infuriated the woman.

It kind of ****** me off because I took a good 2 [sic] hours out of my time to get all ready, shave my legs, and what not... I'm actually super ******* ****** I wasted 2 hours of my time getting ready for nothing. I literally kept giving you hints and was trying all night,” she ranted.

He texts back again to say that he just didn’t feel like bedding her. “I just didn't want to. Sorry bout it lol. What's the big deal, it's just sex [sic],” he says.

“The big deal is I wasted 2 [sic] hours...Okay **** that a whole night trying to have sex with you and you just 'didn't want to.' Like what's the issue? Are you actually gay and lying? Am I that ******* hideous?” she replies.

So far, over 1,000 people have commented on the man’s post, with one writing, “No means no when I say it" what the **** is wrong with people.” Another wrote, “Just like women don't owe men sex, men don't owe women sex. Period. No exceptions.”

And one summed it up best, saying no matter what your sex, you obviously have the right to turn down whoever you please.  “As a woman, I'm very disgusted by this girls behavior! I man has EVERY right to turn down sex without a 'valid reason' NO MEANS NO! [sic],” wrote the commenter.

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