Women Describe Their Strong Emotions When Voting Hillary Clinton For President

Women Describe Their Strong Emotions When Voting Hillary Clinton For President

She could be the first woman President of the United States. 

By Marianne Garvey

Hillary Clinton was emotional this morning as she voted—for herself—for President of the United States, in Chappaqua, N.Y.

And the women who voted for her felt a surge of emotions when choosing the box with her name on it, for a multitude of reasons; her policies, her life’s work and dedication to women and children, her experience, her determination, and, yes, because she is a woman. Not just because, but no matter how you lean, that part of it is meaningful to women everywhere. 

Personal Space asked some women at the polls how they felt today. Many choked up. Many cried.

Here is what they said:

“I voted for Hillary via absentee ballot two weeks ago. When I saw the big yellow envelope in my mailbox it felt like christmas. Filling in that little circle got me misty eyed and my throat closed up. it felt like the climactic point in a really great underdog story. this is actually my first time voting, so I felt proud to put in the small effort to do this for Hillary and for all women. On the other hand, I grew up with so many strong female role models, I rarely feel ‘less than’ I've been an empowered woman my entire life. Even though it's moving and emotional and great for our country to have a female president, it also feels like DUH!!! We have Oprah and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anna Wintour and Beyonce... like why wouldn’t a woman be up there in the Oval Office?!” says Kaitlin, from New York.

Betsey, from Brooklyn, says, “It's been frustrating me lately that people don't feel the same joy to make history by voting for Hillary as they felt for voting for Barack. I get it she may come with a bit more baggage, but it's so sad to me that the story of her being a WOMAN is lost in this election. Then again, maybe the fact that few people seem to be considering her gender is a win.. progress?”

One father with two daughters, wrote to say that he was thrilled voting for Hillary. “As a man with two daughters I am more excited to be able to tell them about the day that everything changed and that they can truly be anything they want to be,” Chris, from New York, said. 

Kimberly, from New York, says “I grew up with my dad telling me I ‘can be anything I want to be, even President’ and soon it will be true!”

Nicole, from New York, said filling in her ballot felt amazing. “It felt amazing to vote for Hillary Clinton. And not just because she's a woman or a mom... but because she is the absolute BEST in comparison. I've never felt compelled to vote until now. I always entrusted my fellow American...I've always accepted the outcome and been peaceful with it, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't vote, not voting just means you are 'fine' with Donald Trump being President and I am SO not fine with that!”

Ashley, from Connecticut, says “Voting for Hillary (via absentee ballot) was my last act as a NYC resident before moving to CT., and I can't think of a better way to go out.”

Marni, from Texas, says “I voted early and was super anxious that for some reason it would error/switch to Trump. I live in a liberal part of Texas and I'm generally not that paranoid, but I was still worried my vote wouldn't count for some reason.” 

Daryl, from New Jersey, says she drove an hour and a half to vote this morning. ”I can't describe how happy I am that I voted, although it wasn't the most convenient for me. I realized too late that I didn't submit my "registration" for an absentee ballot on time, despite signing up in July... I drove an hour and a half to my county clerk's office in NJ (a typically blue state) to submit my registration, and then my absentee ballot. While I didn't vote in the last election, a vote for Hillary is a vote for the future of our country, and for our children. A perfect country won't happen over night, but Hillary is not making a mockery of our entire nation. I don't think people realize what Donald Trump leading our nation would look like through an international lens.”

Cynthia, a U.S. citizen by way of Nigeria, says she felt “relief” after placing her vote for Hillary. 

Lindsay, from Maryland, says she didn’t expect to be so emotional when she voted. “I didn't realize how emotional I would be today.. voting for Hillary literally brought me to tears. I am proud to be a strong female in America. For me, its 100% about raising a little girl to be even stronger than I am and not having any limitations when I say to her: ‘with hard work and determination, you can be anything you want to be.’”

Kelly, from New York, told PS she was so excited to vote for Hillary today, she accidentally checked all the boxes where the presidential hopeful's name was. 

"I was so excited and passionate to vote this morning for the first woman candidate that when I got into the voting booth I accidentally marked every place that there was to vote for Hillary Clinton," she says. "When I realized that I messed up my ballot and I that I needed to get another one to make my vote count, I was mortified. What was I gonna say? But I could not not ask for another ballot, as then my vote would not count.

"Then all of a sudden a vision of Trump calling me a loser for messing up my ballot popped into my head, having the all the people in line for the polls laugh at me...and then I realized that is exactly why I had to go and ask for a new ballot ...as that type of Trump bulling mentality is what I’m voting against.

"And of course when I told them I was so excited for my candidate that I checked their box too many times and I needed a new ballot the woman smiled at me and said no problem. She winked and me and I knew she knew who we were voting for.

"Once I put in my corrected ballot into the machine and the sign said 'I had voted,' I felt great. As I walked out of the building a beautiful older woman was walking in, I would guess she was in her mid 70’s. I looked into her eyes and thought, wow…what a moment today is for her … the first time in her entire life she has the choice to vote for a woman candidate…and then I started to tear up. The glass ceiling has finally been broken."

On Facebook, Pantsuit Nation (a group dedicated to Hillary and her sartorial choices) is gaining steam, with women doctors, military vets, teachers, and everything else under the sun are posting their feelings after voting for Hillary. 

"When I was in 7th grade in 1972, I told my male teacher I wanted to be a nurse. He suggested I become I doctor. I had never thought a girl could become a doctor, let alone a president! I followed my dream and am in my 30th year of practice. I'm with her and am gladly in my blue pantsuit today!” one female doctor wrote. 

Another woman purchased a pantsuit just for the historic occasion. 

“Yesterday, I purchased a new pantsuit. Today, I wear it because I’mWithHer.

"I'm also wearing it for myself as a pantsuitnation badge of courage because at 10 A.M. I'm shattering my own glass ceiling by taking a big leadership position at the university where I've worked for 15 years. When my promotion is announced, my boss will learn that he's now one of my employees. I’mWithHer because I know what it means to be a female professional in a male-dominated field…because early in my tech career, a male colleague said that I'd ‘probably do alright 'cause I'm easy on the eyes’…for all the times I've endured mansplaining during technical conversations in which I am the subject matter expert…for all the times I've been called 'sweetheart,' 'babe,' or 'honey'…because she paved the way for me, as I hope to pave the way for others."

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Personal Space is Bravo's home for all things "relationships," from romance to friendships to family to co-workers. Ready for a commitment? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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