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Little White Exaggeration

Ambria is thankful she didn't over-promise and under-deliver for Rebecca Weinberg.

Tara did a great job with crazy. It's true, our store is open to the public and several "characters" come in that can make you want to have a somewhat dismissive attitude. However, the Proenza and Miu Miu shoes were absolutely the kind of shoes we want in the store.

I'm just not a vintage girl; I've never gone out to thrift stores or flea markets. However, I always knew that in some far-away land there would be a haven full of the best, amazing pieces by designers I can only fantasize about wearing. I didn't know that this episode would introduce me to that land.

Sex and the City is like my bible, and I remember during my college days at F.I.T. going shopping at Century 21 and one day I saw Patricia Fields and Rebecca Weinberg shopping for the series. I remember thinking, "If only I could get into their vault. . ." When she walked in, I was like a runaway train, saying anything and everything to get a chance to do a collaboration of any sort with her. I never like to over-promise and under-deliver so I had to live up to my little white exaggeration of having immense "vintage contacts."

Karina knows a fair amount of people from her family's lineage so the fact that she had Keni Valenti in her back pocket was just too perfect. I'm not a stylist, but I am pretty good at knowing how to connect two worlds that need connecting. In the end Second Time Around gets the credit as a legit resource for an important New York stylist like Rebecca. The icing on the cake, of course, is not only winning Rebecca over but getting little "shipments" from her closet!

The vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer stumped all of us, although I have to say, between the label being sewn in and the "Made in the USA" I was suspicious from the start. However, I don't know everything about fashion and I don’t pretend to. So calling in Zanna from Marie Claire was a good move. I was glad we were able to determine the authenticity was false but it really made me wonder how many other people out there get "had" who shop for vintage and think they are getting a deal but are really getting a knock-off.

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