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A Modern Mudroom: The 10 Essential Elements Everyone Needs

What's required to make yours as efficient (and gorgeous) as it can be.

By Angela Law

The mudroom is the place you leave all your messes (tangible or not). It is a place where you put on and take off your dirty shoes. It’s the place where you keep all your outdoor accessories — scarves, gloves, umbrellas, picnic blankets, etc. It’s the place that collects your keys, mail, and all the things you need to remember to grab the next time you head out the door.

The task of the mudroom is quite hefty — especially when you have a family. And, in order to be successful in its mission to be a super efficient and functional space, it must have the right decor and home accessories.

The most basic items every mudroom should have include: shelving, a good door mat, a place to sit and lots and lots of hooks. Lighting, positive affirmations, and similar accoutrements make for happy additions.

The only thing you should absolutely keep in mind when designing your mudroom is that it should be relatively neutral. For example, unless you live at the beach, there’s no reason to make the area seashell-themed. It is on of (if not the only) entry points to your abode — the first inkling of what the rest of your home is like. As such, you probably want to keep it classy, simple and neat.

Of course, we understand that not everyone has the luxury of dedicating an entire room for mud. So don’t worry, there are options here for mud-foyer, mud-hallway, mud-corner as well.

Double Square Wood Wall Shelf

Cubby spaces are a must-have in any mudroom. They are perfect for gloves and other little things that require regimented putting-away-of so you don't have to embark on an hours-long scavenger hunt the next time you need them. For best results, designate each cubby to one person or type of item. 

Entryway Storage Hall Tree

Mudrooms don't have to be large and in charge. Why? Because it's not a closet and you don't need to store every single jacket you own in there. Mudrooms are places of convenience. So, if you have to spend time digging through a mountain of coats to find the one you want, you've missed the point. You should always be leaving a few spots open for guests anyway!

Enchante Medium Dot Storage Bin

PSA: Not all storage containers have to be snoozefests.

Wallniture Foyer Organizer

I recently purchased one of these key hook/mail organizer things and it has changed my life. I always know where my keys are! Who knew it could happen!

Make Today Awesome Doormat

You want a good mat that you can easily sweep or shake dirt off of. The positive message is definitely a plus.

Linden Wood Storage Bench

In case you want something less obvious, this bench comes with storage on both the side and under the cushion. The best way to keep things tidy? Keep them hidden.

Parker Marble Wall Clock

Don't be that friend who's always late. Having a clock right by the door will (hopefully) keep you from dilly-dallying. This one is pretty and doesn't have numbers so it's not necessarily screaming, "You're late!" but keeps you on check.


For that one final check before you walk out the door.

Rustic 2 Piece Leather Bucket Set

Make sure you have a gorgeous catchall in the mudroom to gather blankets, towels, and other accessories that don't require prime hook or cubby space.

Kitchencraft Living Nostalgia Vintage-style Metal First Aid Box

Because life happens, keeping a first aid kit right by the door is always a good idea.

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