Love Astrology? This Decor Trend Proves That Moon Phases Are the New Star Signs

Love Astrology? This Decor Trend Proves That Moon Phases Are the New Star Signs

Let's take a break from the zodiac signs and let the lunar calendar influence every space in our place instead.

By Katherine Kluznik

When it comes to celestial bodies, stars hog all the attention. After all, it’s their twinkling constellations you look to when you want a sneak peek at what the future holds (just like your favorite Houswives!)—or even when you need to know something basic like what makeup would look best on you (that would be maroon nail polish, Scorpio friends!).

But what about the moon? For 4.5 billion years it’s patiently been brightening the night sky (not to mention influencing other little things like — oh, you know — the ocean’s tides and your ever-changing moods). So I’m happy to announce that 2018 is the moon’s year to trend.

As proof, just check out the endless ways designers are celebrating how it waxes and wanes. Like celestial nesting tables in marble and brass.... Or a gigantic wall print that features each lunar phase on the calendar… Or even a full-body pillow that lets you take a comfy little nap on the moon without leaving your living room.

Ahead, 10 moon-inspired home accents that bring the lunar calendar’s influence to every place in your space.  

i3labs ‘Full Moon Odyssey’ Pillow


Anthropologie Celestial Nesting Side Tables

Leiacikl22 ‘New Phases of the Moon’ Throw Pillow

UO Moon Mirror

The Pixel Gypsy ‘Moon Gazing’ Duvet Cover

UO Moon Phase Over the Door Hanger

UO Half Moon Planter

Wall26 Phases of the Moon Art

UO Moon Phase Mobile


Yoga Zeal Moon Phase Yoga Mat

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