Beautiful Wall Art Under $25? Yes, It Does Exist

Beautiful Wall Art Under $25? Yes, It Does Exist

It's the finishing touch every space needs. 

By Katherine Kluznik

If walls could speak, what would mine say? If you'd asked me that a few months ago my answer would have been... absolutely nothing.

That’s because despite having carefully decorated my home top to bottom, what lay in between the modernist chandelier suspended from my ceiling and the carefully chosen rug covering the floor was pretty much a blank.

The reason my walls lacked love? Finding wall art just seemed daunting — so much more difficult than sourcing a sofa or picking out glamorous little accents like geodes and throw pillows. It felt like a huge commitment that wouldn’t just be the focal point of my space right now, it would be one I’d have to live with for years and years to come. Because wall art is expensive, right? And I don’t exactly have thousands to drop on paintings by up-and-coming artists (thanks, mortgage). Plus, the thought of super-affordable options induced flashbacks to the bland art posters I’d Blu-Tacked to the walls of my college dorm.

But, turns out there are tons of cheap, cheerful, and very grown-up options right now. And once I realized this, did I ever indulge: I teamed up a complementary cluster of five prints in the living room, then placed one over each nightstand in my bedroom before selecting a single stunning piece for the kitchen. And because each cost less than $25, I'd spent less than $200 to decorate my entire home with pieces just like the 10 space-changing options ahead.

Honeymoon Hotel ‘Ooh La La’ Art Print


Rifle Paper Co Rose Botanical Wall Art


Deny Designs Iveta Abolina English Rose Art Print


Deny Designs Bree Madden California Palm Trees Art Canvas


Ambers Textiles Jungle Sloth Art Print


Threshold  Leaf Framed Wall Poster Print


Deny Designs Bree Madden Ride Waves Art Print


MPGMB Shape Study 1 Lola Collection Art Print Scandinavian Geometry Framed Art Print


Ingrid Beddoes Pink Ivory Rose Art Print

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