Is This the Meanest Mom Ever?

Is This the Meanest Mom Ever?

No manners, no ice cream.

By Marianne Garvey

Jaime Primak Sullivan decided to give her three kids a treat, then take it right away.

After our very own Jersey Belle star saw that her kids, 8, 7, and 5, didn't thank the Dairy Queen employee who served them ice cream, she decided a lesson in manners was in order—so she scooped the ice cream out of their tiny hands and into the trash.

She then took to Facebook, in a now viral rant, to label herself the “meanest mom ever" for what she did, but she’s been getting (mostly) support from fellow parents.

As of Wednesday, the post was shared more than 38,000 times.

As someone who works in a restaurant and deals with people who ignore me when I ask "how are you?", or sit their money on the counter when I'm holding my hand out for it, or won't even acknowledge me after I say thank you, have a nice day! Thank you. Thank you for instilling into your children manners and plain human decency!” wrote Jennifer Snow. 

Alicia Johnson wrote: “Amen. I remember when my son was small and a lady gave him a sucker, I said what do you say? He said nothing. I handed it back to her and said thank you, but he doesn't deserve the sucker. He had a fit, but I didn't care. I told him if someone offers him a piece of paper you say thank you or no thank you. Manners matter!!!”

But some agree with Jaime, saying tossing the treat in the trash was just too much.

" . . . they'll never enjoy going out for ice cream with their mother again," one commenter said. "She is the one losing out more than the children though. My parents were like this and it made me turn away from them as soon as I was old enough."

Another wrote: “I know you are their mother, but in my opinion, I thought that was a bit over the top!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have made them go back in the ice cream place and apologize for not saying thank you. They are great kids, and this was quite harsh and this memory will really stay with them, even though I know you were trying to make a point.

Sullivan called the Dairy Queen incident a "teachable moment."

"I would like my kids to have manners forever," she said. "I would like them to treat people with basic human decency, perhaps even more than basic, forever."

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