This Awesome New Flight Comparison Tool Will Totally Change the Way You Shop for Travel

This Awesome New Flight Comparison Tool Will Totally Change the Way You Shop for Travel

CheapAir's new search option allows you compare every aspect of flights — including amenities and extra fees.

By Kristyn Pomranz
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Comparison shopping for flights has definitely gotten easier in the past five years or so, as sites like Kayak and FareCompare have emerged to provide clear breakdowns of flight availability based on base fares, dates, times, and certain preferences like layovers.

But CheapAir just introduced a search feature that is super advanced (and super awesome) with even more tools than ever to help you pick a flight. Their new “Compare Flight Options” tool not only compares the standard line items like airline, price, and times, but also looks at amenities like Wi-Fi (availability and speed), in-flight entertainment (type and fees), power outlets, legroom, and additional fees (including advance and premium seating options, personal items, carryons, checked baggage, refunds, and changes).

So consider this: As most seasoned travelers know, the cheapest seat is often not actually the cheapest seat at all. For example, if you wind up booking with Spirit Airlines, your base fee might be $100, but you also have to pay for a carryon bag ($55), and all checked bags ($50 each), plus you won’t get Wi-Fi, entertainment or snacks. So depending on where you’re flying (and for what purpose), you may wind up paying twice as much as you anticipated. Which may be a choice you're comfortable making — but wouldn't it be great to know all that stuff first?

CheapAir C.E.O. Jeff Klee explains that’s exactly why they decided to roll out the new feature. “We think it is needed now. Buying airline tickets isn't what it used to be, when a seat was just a seat," he said. "So many times now, by paying a little bit more you can get a better flying experience.”

So yeah, maybe that jetBlue flight might be a little more expensive, but it will also allow you to marathon The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while snacking on some Terra Chips. And while some travelers might not think such luxuries are worth an extra $40, some of us (ahem) definitely do — so use all the info to compare based on your own personal needs (ahem, Housewives).

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