This Airline's New Male C.E.O. Voluntarily Took a Pay Cut to Match His Female Precursor's Salary

This Airline's New Male C.E.O. Voluntarily Took a Pay Cut to Match His Female Precursor's Salary

EasyJet is making gestures to chip away at the gender pay gap — and be on the right side of the conversation.

By Alesandra Dubin
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In an era when a daily scan of the news can cause a spike in any woman's blood pressure — and for that matter, in any thinking person's blood pressure — here's a bit of encouraging news on the pay equality front.

The new, male C.E.O. for EasyJet, Johan Lundgren, announced today that he voluntarily took a pay cut so that his compensation is more appropriately in line with that of his predecessor, a woman, according to a report in Travel + Leisure.

Lundgren came in at the end of 2017 as the top exec at the budge airline based in the U.K. with a salary of $1.04 million in U.S. currency equivalent, while his outgoing counterpart, Carolyn McCall, was making approximately the equivalent of $990,730 when she left the company after eight years of service. 

According to T&L, the airline did not disclose McCall's starting salary.

Here's Lundgren in a statement: "To show my personal commitment, I have asked the Board to reduce my pay to match that of Carolyn's when she was at EasyJet. I also want to affirm my own commitment to address[ing] the gender imbalance in our pilot community, which drives our overall gender pay gap."

According to Financial Times as cited in T&L, the gender pay gap at EasyJet is one of the biggest among industry competitors in the U.K.; Lundgren and EasyJet have also announced plans to narrow the gender pay gap at the company by hiring significantly more female pilots, high-paying positions, by 2020.

So let's call this an important start — both in message and in action — aimed at keeping the critical conversation going.

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