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Flower Power

Episode 5:'s Assistant Editor does not recommend throwing brightly colored costumes out the window.

Collaboration was the key this week (whether Chris liked it or not), when Chris had to work with the "Orchid King" Golf Srithamrong. (Which by the way is one bad-ass name, no?) Chris couldn't possibly resist the opportunity to create an obscenely large headpiece, especially for an event like Tulips and Pansies, so of course he jumped at the chance to partner with Golf. However it wasn't exactly the smoothest brainstorming process...mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-105-04.jpg

They did eventually reach a consensus and went with an outfit that would bloom, thus accentuating the ridiculously tall headpiece. While Jake and Christine dressed up the petals, Chris worked on the headpiece, the centerpiece of which was an antique fishing pole. I love that Chris has a collection of random items he keeps in his back pocket to make into fantastic creations at a later date. mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-105-08.jpg

So Chris finally finished the outfit and, well, it just didn't look good. At all. So Chris did the only thing he could to save the outfit...mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-105-09.jpg

...He completely scrapped it. I have to say, I really felt badly for the poor pedestrian who was walking by as Matt threw the flower frock out the window. How scary would it be to have a giant bright pink and yellow costume fall on your head?mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-105-12.jpg

Well luckily Chris just happened to have some fabulous floral print fabric lying around for just such an emergency, and he managed to whip up an elegant evening gown worthy of his humongous headpiece. However when he showed up to see what Golf had done with the flowers... We'll just let Chris' face speak for him. With a few more flowers and a lot less butterflies however, they managed to make it work. mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-105-15.jpg

Chris' friend certainly put her Vegas showgirl experience to work when she rocked the runway. She gave all her other flowery friends a run for their money.mad-fashion-season-1-gallery-episode-105-14_0.jpg

The team waited eagerly for the results, but alas, they did not take the crown. Robbery!

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