A Little Nervous

A Little Nervous

Cory sizes up the competition.

It's the first week of production and I'm concerned about editing. I don't know what the final product is and that's got me a little nervous, Ha Ha!

How great it is that I now have two amazing jobs, one is running New York Model Management and the other is having fun with this.

I've been in front of the camera before for interviews but seeing this production process is really enlightening. It's much harder than I thought but It's interesting to watch. I can't help but be excited!
A little background on the idea of a "supermodel." Some claim that the concept came about in the '70s, but as far as I'm concerned it really happened in the '80s when models were known by just one name. In the '80s and even into the '90s designers, particularly Gianni Versace, really loved these girls and established their careers with multiple bookings of high brow editorials and campaigns as well as music videos.

They would fly the models in first class seats or the Concorde, put them up in first class accommodations, and treat them like royalty on set. They became supermodels because they were not just one hit wonders. They had multiple seasons which turned into multiple years and their day rates skyrocketed. Longevity really created the age of the supermodel.


Beautiful face. A little boring. Thick legs.


Ben has surprised me. All-American. He's got a great story behind him. I'm anxious to see what he's going to do.


Beautiful boy. All he needs to do is just learn how to model. He's got amazing potential.


Steel blue eyes. Dominic is intimidating. Needs to do is chill out. He needs to be a little calmer in his overall presence.


I love Frankie, the personality, great looks. I'm also anxious to see what Frankie does.


Holly needs a makeover. And I'm anxious to see that makeover's result.


I think Jacki is probably going to be a very popular girl to most of America. She's got that multi ethnic mystery about her, and she's got a great runway walk.


Jay needs to step it up. He's a cute boy but he's got a ton of competition.

Katy. Katy is not a model to me. Katie's a pretty girl...a pretty girl next door.


Perry is sexy. You know, he's got that awesome personality, he knows how to look at people in the eye. If he's intimidated, he certainly does not show it to anyone, and he knows how to work people.


All-American kid, with a great smile who I think will wind up very far in this competition.


To me, she's going to have a rough go as a model. She is a very pretty girl with a funny personality.


Shannon has surprised me the most from the first time I met her. She has great potential and I think America will be shocked at her progress in this show. This one can be molded into a model.


A great girl also, one to definitely look out for in this competition.

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