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Dude! Packed Week!

Jacki takes us through another hectic round of shoots.


Dude! Packed week!

This competition is getting more intense as the weeks progress. I am so thankful and lucky to be here, I still cannot put words together to express how I feel. Having a thong issue in week 1, to being the winner of week 2, then sharing chemistry with a GIRL, to this week...

I have really grown and let go a little -- well okay, let go a lot! This week was about using our bodies as art. I did not hold back this week, even for a second. I am here to make this my career, sometimes you are asked to do things you may not want to do. It is apart from this business, it is the effort and willingness to be a supermodel.
For never being naked around anyone except my boyfriend (sorry mom), I was nervous for the artists to draw me. Like, its my body, it's private and will never be advertised! I totally just tried to relax, its weird because I actually was comfortable. My chest, I guess, broke out in red slotches, it was a little toasty and nerve racking in there to be honest.

The photo shoot the next day went just okay for me. I was not about to get booted from the shoot so I was really trying to follow direction without getting discouraged. No one from our group got tossed so I was super excited! My photo shoot next week has to be really make up for this week. Ahh, the best part of this week was having our bodies painted! Dude that was awesome! My body was covered in black paint, which probably took two hours alone. Then half was covered in glitter. It was like panther meets weird jungle creature in NYC!
So amazing, catwalk was good this week, my Diana Ross/Devil/Lizard costume was kinda tough to work without looking like a performing jazz piece, so I kept it simple. The suspense for next week is killing me! On a non-fashion note, I miss my bestest friend in the world so much! She is my life, I wish she was here. As for my family and boyfriend whom I absolutely adore, I think about you all everyday. I would not be the person I am without all the wonderful loving people in my life who have guided me.


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