Getting Waxed

Getting Waxed

Ben gets a makeover, and hopefully a second chance.

Week two started out with makeovers.They just barely lightened mine so not to much of a change there.When the guys got back to the house .There were two tables in the living room come to find out we were getting waxed Never had it done before and it kind of hurt.

The next day we went to a court house and met our photographer Sara Silver. We were doing a photo shoot with her while being suspended in the air. I had on a suit which is what I was hoping we would be in and trying to move in it and I was portraying a rock star. It was pretty uncomfortable in the harness and trying to move in it and with my confidence. Not where I want it yet, I didn't feel as though I did that well. After a 1 anyway we got back to the house and it was spotless, it was really nice to come home to a clean house.

Our personal trainer is also pushing us harder. He made most of the guys reach thier physical limitations. It hurt, but it is awesome.

[At the catwalk] We were standing there and Nikki came in and introduced Trevor and Ronnie from Heatherette, They had some really crazy outfits and they had us in some really crazy make up too. So it came time to go out on the catwalk and once I got out there I felt really good about my walk. Well we went back out for evaluations and when they got to me at least that's what I thought. Little did I know that they thought I belonged in the bottom 3 and the only reason they gave me was I needed to work on my confidence. I just hope America decides to give me a 2nd chance.

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