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No More Mistakes

As the finale approaches, Cory knows there's no room for error.

BRAVOTV.COM: What was your take on Jacki?

Jacki didn't focus on winning this competition. She lost track of the fact that the others were excelling and pushing themselves forward, always trying to do better. I don't know if her success will ever happen in the major markets like New York, Paris, Milan and London, but Jacki is a good model and will have a decent career in this industry.

BRAVOTV.COM: What's the most important thing to remember about this competition at this point?

This competition is getting tougher every week because the models still standing -- they all know that any mistakes will hinder them from a contract with New York Model Management and the $100K prize. The models must focus on EVERY task being accomplished as perfectly as possible. They must be confident (without being cocky) and graceful (without being timid).

Now...on to the models...


Ben will be a great model someday. I know he wants to win this, but I don't know if he'll learn what he needs to learn in time to make it to the end. We shall see.


It is so frustrating to encounter such rare beauty that is still stiff and not confident about any assignments. He needs to let go and not internalize everything. I know that's easier said than done, but he must learn that for this business.


Beautiful! Great photo shoots and catwalk but does she have the inner strength required of a Supermodel?


I've grown very fond of Frankie. I love his dedication to this competition, but...he's just not doing as well as the others. It's very disappointing.


He needed a wake up call. He has adjusted and it's nice to see old Perry back (sans the attitude).


It's inspiring to see what Ronnie has blossomed into in this competition. His photo shoots are amazing and his catwalk is flawless.


Tenacity doesn't come close to describing Shannon. I have rarely seen such dedication. She did great work in the photo shoot and she did okay on the catwalk, despite having been in the hospital 2 hours before being filmed!

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