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This Week...

Frankie takes a risk for a designer... and it doesn't pay off.


What an amazing week it has been. It's been all about fashion week and the catwalk. Definitely my week (except the bottom 3 part) and I've had so much fun. Whenever we would go to Bryant Park there would be so many people screaming my name and taking pictures.

It was so exciting, I just couldn't help but to get super excited to. Walking in the Scott French show, I defiantly rocked it out in the eyes of the designer but the panel would have rather for me to walk the way they liked.

I took my chances and decided to make the designer happy and it cost me the bottom 3. I'm not upset at all about it and I have faith in America that they will vote me back on. I really hope they do because deep down, I know that I want this more than anyone here in this house.

Baby, it gets harder and harder each day not being w/you. I miss you and more each day and I love you so much.


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