Up in the Air

Up in the Air

Jennifer explains the importance of a great haircut.

Bravotv.com: What's the most important aspect of getting a makeover, and is it standard in the industry? Has anyone, in your experience, become a model without one?

This is a hard question to answer as I feel that most of the time, when an agent sends a model to my office, they have already gone through their makeover -- so I never have the chance to see them before a potential makeover. I would assume that most of them do get put through what a call the "model mill." They get a new haircut, perhaps a new color, and they are told exactly what to wear -- at least during show castings! I didn't realize this and one season EVERYONE from one agency came in to see me in a similar babydoll dress and heels -- all in black -- and I was thinking, "God, it's all about black little baby dolldresses this season!"

The right haircut is very important. Literally, it can give a girl a career, or revive it. Sometimes during show season casting directors can see over a hundred girls so a unique cut can make you memorable. Of course it's important that that cut suit your face and is not incredibly limiting for you. I see all the models every season because it's amazing how much people change from spring to fall! A new cut and color starts off the season in a fresh new way. There are so many times model comes into my office and I reach out my hand to say nice to meet you and they say, "Jenn, it's me!"

Bravotv.com: What was your impression of Sarah?

She didn't really make a strong impression on me -- that was the problem!


I think her photo was great as was her catwalk. Funny, she's one that doesn't stand out but is doing really well.


I really think Ben has a great face. We are just having so much trouble getting him to loosen up. Now I understand this as most prison guards are not very well versed on how to walk down a runway or move gracefully when harnessed in the air. But, to succeed as a model, you just can't be stiff. He really has to let go of all that he is, in order to make it in this business or he will only be capable of one look and one picture.


I think Casey gave a lot in his picture and I thought he was great on the runway -- a HUGE improvement from last week.


I'm finding Dom stiff in pictures and on the catwalk. I also think he gets defensive when you give him constructive criticism. There is really not much room for an ego in this business.


He's having fun and it shows. I loved his attitude in the show. He was given the best outfit though!


I was a bit disappointed with her on the shoot. I just felt like she was just hanging there instead of having more control and awareness or her body and its placement. She should have really tried to inspire the photographer more then she did. I LOVE the haircut. Maybe she doesn't feel confident with it yet. I know if I cut all my hair off, it would take me more then a day to feel comfortable with the new me. She was a bit flat on the runway too.


She kicked butt this week!


He's trying, but I still feel like he looks bored in his photos and just doesn't know how to move. A photographer has to work way too hard to get a good photo out of him.


I was so proud of Katy on the catwalk this week! She really did a great job! However, i was at the photo shoot and she just doesn't deliver. Katy tries and I love people who give it their best effort. I just think that some people don't move fluidly, and in this situation, that was very necessary.


This guy has so much potential, but i think he did better last week. I think he could have had more fun on the catwalk -- to me it looked like the same walk as last week and the direction this time was FUN.


He started off Sarah's shoot and let me tell you, he sure set the bar high! He was amazing! I didn't think he did as well on the runway but he was given the hardest outfit.


Loved her picture! She's six feet tall, which means she has a lot of body, and yet she looks like she's floating in the picture! She moved so gracefully. However, I didn't see any change on the runway since last week even though the direction she was given was to have fun! She needs to learn how to do more than one walk.


I think Stephanie did well on the catwalk and in her picture, but i have got to say, I don't find her memorable! She really needs to be able to communicate more of who she is.

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