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Another Exciting Experience

Mountaha discusses the ins and outs of this week's group challenge.

This is Week 3 and we get woken up really early and there’s a school bus waiting for us downstairs. We as always had no idea what was going on. We all had a little idea that was something related with school. We arrived at this high school and go to the football field. Tyson and Nicole are right in the middle waiting for us and we see this huge metal-looking thing. We later find out it’s an all-sports shoot in groups of three (me, Salome, and Shawn). We were hanging by harnesses and in totally sports outfits. It was a really cool idea but my group wasn’t getting it. Salome and Shawn keep hitting each other by accident of course and it was just so hard my outfit was just so bad, especially cause the other groups had much more fun outfits. I really hope we were able to get a shot. I know I did better than the rest of my group but this being a group should be all three perfect, which in this case sucked because we might not get a really good shot cause it’s hard for the photographer to find one shot that the three of us look good enough.  ell the day was fun no matter what — another exciting experience that I had never done before. And Amanda wins this photo shoot. I thought her pic was good but nothing crazy.

Runway day and the theme is still sports and we have to perform some kind of sport-related pose at the end with this very artistic and interesting shared huge “accessory” on us. It was a bit weird but high fashion just the sports pose and movement at the end was a little bizarre I guess. I decided to do some kind of ballet pose because I wanted to use my legs. I was safe again and Karen got eliminated. Sandhurst seemed a little upset at first, but I think everyone just forgets about who’s gone soon or later and this is a competition.

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