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Let the Best Compete!

Mountaha describes her comfort level with this week's naked challenge.

We arrive to this studio in Williamsburg, my lovely little neighborhood. We are totally clueless about this shoot. Tyson and Nicole tell us to pick our accessories from the table behind them in 30 seconds. I pick these beautiful super high heels and I’m happy till I hear it’s a nude shoot and all we have is the accessory we picked. Ahhhh oh well. We gotta make it work. We get makeup on our bodies and my hair is super and all I’m thinking is to focus on the pic and forget you’re naked.

OK it goes well. It’s hard for me to hold the pose on some 6 ½ inch heels. Nicole helps and I was unbelievably comfortable being naked. It’s an amazing work of art. No one really is looking at your body; they are all doing their job.

We’re waiting for Nicole anxiously and mine arrives and I love it. It’s so artistic, and different from everyone’s — even better!

The catwalk is neon outfits, super cool, and we have one accessory again — a huge globe on top of our shoulders filled with butterflies. Yes my loved one, butterflies.

It’s super and I love the idea and the outfits. Totally edgy and super fashion shows would totally be like that, huge crazy accessories. Judges are OK with my pic but they love my walk, was told the best of the bunch. Yay! Catherine said I was the most comfortable-looking one with the globe and butterflies. It feels so amazing to be on the top again. I’m thinking every week, "What do I need to improve about myself to become a better model and win this?" It feels so amazing to be here for these super different shoots and experiences. Amanda gets super-criticized and told her walk was super robotc and gets sent home. No more complaints and whining. It feels now that we really are getting rid of the fat from the competition which is good. Let the best compete!

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