Mariah: I Should Have Trusted My Instincts

Mariah: I Should Have Trusted My Instincts

Mariah knew she should have skipped the fashion show, but is happy she at least had her bodyguard on hand.

Watching Aydin's hair surgery was tough. We had no clue that the surgery was so invasive. He'd been wanting it for a long time, and I encouraged him to do it if it would make him happy. I truly believe the way we look has an effect on the way we feel, and if hair makes my Aydin feel more debonair, then I'm all for it! Hair Restoration Specialist (HRS) is Atlanta's leading Hair surgery center, so I know that my babe is in great hands, and Dr. Fred Work is the truth so I know Aydin will be happy with the results!

Aydin is such a selfless person, he's always giving to his family, friends, and patients, so I'm glad that he finally decided to do something for himself. He really deserves it! Most of all, I'm elated that he is OK. His new hair is growing like crazy, and the surgery was a huge success! #Yaaassss Aydin, #PushThru with your long lustrous new hair!

Since, Aydin was still recovering, I was really on the fence about attending the fashion show. He insisted I go, to support Quad and attend her charity event even though we were not at great place. Deep down, I knew I should have kept my butt at home, and play nurse with my man! #SideEye


I'm so relieved I had Bodyguard Barry in tow, his presence diffused a potentially negative situation. I'm growing and learning that I should definitely continue, to trust my instincts more, to avoid negativity at all cost. There is nothing like a woman's intuition!

"Intuition means exactly what it sounds like, in--tuition! An inner tutor or teaching and learning mechanism that takes us forward daily. It is a resource that, where recognized, has infinite potential." -- Sylvia Clare

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