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Simone Won't Hang With Thugs

Simone is shocked that Toya and Quad would resort to talk of ass-kicking because she had some memory loss.

By Simone Whitmore

Thanks again for tuning in to Married to Medicine.

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This was a great episode but I think I need to spend some time with you clarifying a few things.

First of all, I know you're sick and tired of the beef with Mariah and Quad and so am I. I strongly felt Mariah had put too much distance between herself and the circle of friends. I invited Mariah to Blue Ridge to spend some time with the rest of the ladies and to show that she had not completely given up on these friendships. I never intended for Quad and Mariah to be in the same room during this visit. My suggestion was not about Quad or fixing their friendship, it was ONLY about Mariah and the need to maintain the other friendships, if she valued them. I never intended nor would I benefit from any drama or pain between Mariah and Quad. My only wish for their relationship was RESOLUTION and/or PEACE.

I finally came to the conclusion: Mariah does not seem interested in this group of friends. Since she is not interested, the group has to move on without her. I tried and failed over and over again to make a complete circle of friends.

A much pressing issue to discuss at this point is FIGHTING on reality TV. Quad and Toya both mentioned kicking my ass in this episode. I know I'm not perfect and neither are they, but I can assure you, I will not be caught on TV fighting. We are grown women with real issues and I have yet to see fighting resolve anything.


I assumed when I agreed to be a part of Married to Medicine that I was participating in a show with educated, married, and respectable grown women. Never did I imagine that I would be involved in or have to witness physical violence. Last year, the fight between Toya and Mariah was shocking as hell to witness and I made the assumption this act was an anomaly. As a physician, wife, mother, and respectable member of my community, I will not be involved in a situation or show which condones physical violence.

If one episode of memory loss and my desire to see my friend, Mariah, hanging with the group warrant an ass kicking, then I'm obviously with the wrong group of ladies! None of these issues are life-threatening or serious. When an educated woman doesn't have the brain power or vocabulary to strike back regarding some petty nonsense or name calling, she is no more than a street thug or gangster. I haven't been around thugs and gangsters in several decades and will not be around them now. The direction of someone's life is about the choices she makes. I have never had a mug shot in my life and I don't plan on getting one for this group.

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