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Dr. Simone Whitmore Reflects on the Search for Her Father: "I Was Very Concerned and Worried"

The OBGYN couldn't have gotten through the Nashville trip without her #Married2Med friends.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Dr. Simone Breaks Down Searching For her Dad

Sunday night's episode of Married to Medicine was one of the most emotional of the series so far as Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Jackie Walters accompanied Dr. Simone Whitmore on a trip to Nashville in an effort to search for her father Frank, who had gone missing. 

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Dr. Simone explained to why she organized the search for her father. "I was very concerned and worried. It was so out of character for him, even with his disease process of being an alcoholic, it was out of character," she said. "No one had heard from him, and he had not touched his bank account." 

But Dr. Simone said she got through this difficult time with Dr. Jackie and Quad by her side. "Jackie and I have been friends for 17 to 18 years. Her friendship and support is always a very important piece of my life," Dr. Simone shared. "It was a blessing to have Quad along. She always brings sunshine and laughter." 

However, it wasn't easy for Quad to remain upbeat for the sake of Dr. Simone. "The experience of me traveling to Nashville, it was a bittersweet type of situation. Of course, I went to college in Nashville... So it's a very familiar territory for me. I still have friends that live there right now to this day. That was the sweetness, being able to come back and be where I went to school at," she told "But the bitter part of it was the reason. It wasn't a good reason why we traveled. We didn't travel to go back to the homecoming or for an alumni luncheon or something or just to hang out... The harsh reality was we were looking for someone who was close to me, someone who I support, we were looking for her father."

Jackie Opens up About Her Painful Loss

The experience also hit closer to home for Quad and Dr. Jackie than Dr. Simone had initially anticipated. "The one piece I didn’t get until after we traveled was the piece about remembering that they both had lost their fathers the year before. At the time I asked them to go, that really wasn’t on my mind and I hadn’t given it any thought, really," she said. "It wasn’t until we were in Nashville that that came up."

In fact, Quad said she found the trip "unnerving" because all of the feelings surrounding her father's recent passing came rushing back to her. "Once I heard the news of her father, it was kind of like the straw that broke the camel's back," Quad told "The day that I was driving back to Memphis when my father had passed. It was just an eerie feeling that had come over me. And I don't think it's something that anyone could ever prepare for, even though I had experienced it with my father, the minute that I drove into Nashville, I kind of got that same feeling again because I knew what I was there for." 

Still, Quad said she gave her all in helping Dr. Simone search for her dad. "I was going to do everything that I possibly could to find her father. There was no door that I would not knock on. There was no person that I would not speak to. There wasn't enough flyers for me to hand out that I would ever get tired of handing out," she said. "I was gung-ho on finding him." 

Relive Quad and Dr. Simone's heart-to-heart from earlier this season of Married to Medicine, below.

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