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Toya Bush-Harris Says Dr. Eugene "Didn't Want" This Married to Medicine Moment on Camera

The Married to Medicine couple reveals secrets from the early days of their relationship.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Dr Eugene Toya Bush Harris

Toya Bush-Harris let Married to Medicine fans into an incredibly intimate moment she shared with her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, in the March 28 episode of the series. Toya treated Dr. Eugene to a couples bubble bath in the episode where they had a "cheers to daytime romance," as the doctor put it while soaking in the tub with his wife.

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However, Dr. Eugene actually wasn't the biggest fan of sharing this usually private moment with the world, according to Toya. "He was so angry at me for that thing," Toya revealed as she and Dr. Eugene spoke to Bravo Insider in an exclusive interview prior to the episode airing.

Dr. Eugene then clarified, "I don’t know if I was angry; I just didn’t want to do it."

Still, Toya tried to make the experience as painless as possible. "He just did not want to do it in the bathtub for the world to see [laughs]," Toya said. "But I had tons of bubbles. I did. When I tell you Lush is amazing for the bubbles, OK. So I had bubbles, I did it up. I had fun. And I even colored the water blue. I mean, it was amazing."

There's a good reason Toya wanted to draw that bath. "Our marriage counselor, when we first got married, he told us that if you wanted to work out a problem, don’t do it over alcohol [laughs], and don’t do it when you’re text messaging, 'cause those are bad ways to communicate. They can be misunderstood. And do it in a loving environment," she explained. "And so we decided our loving environment would be in the bathtub [laughs], 'cause you can’t argue in the bathtub. And so that’s what we do. Whenever we have an issue, we talk about it in the bathtub."

On this particular occasion, Dr. Eugene wanted to check in with his wife since she seemed to be "a little snappy" lately and suggested that they needed to work on "relaxing and working as a team" as their responsibilities at work and at home intensified amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Toya agreed to work on it with Dr. Eugene. "At the end of the day, I appreciate the things that he's done," Toya said in an interview during the episode. "But I'd like to have my husband back."

Dr. Eugene told Bravo Insider that he hoped that discussion would help him and Toya get back on track during a chaotic year. "Well, I think this season, obviously, with COVID and Black Lives Matter and just the perfect storm of a lot of really serious things going on, Toya and I definitely had some things to talk about in our relationship," he shared. "So we had to have one of our talks."

Travel has also long been a way for Toya and Dr. Eugene to set aside some time to focus on their marriage, and they were able to go on some family vacations with sons Ashton and Avery over the past few months. "We take pride in our trips together because that is the time that we spoil each other," Toya said. "When we first had our children, I remember telling a friend of mine, I was like, 'I’m not going to go on any trips without my children until they’re able to stay home by themselves.' And she said, 'Oh, you’ll probably be divorced.' And I go, 'What?' And she was like, 'You need to nurture your relationship.'"

Toya really took that advice to heart during a past trip when her sons were much younger. Their nanny at the time convinced her and Dr. Eugene to take a moment for themselves to just be a couple. "It was like right after that we decided that we needed to start doing us. And so we started taking one trip for us and one trip with the kids every year," she shared. "And after that, our trips became amazing. We started going to Italy, we started going to Greece. And spoiling each other."

Staying connected amid the pandemic has been difficult for Toya and her first responder husband. "I think this season is probably gonna be the most interesting for Eugene, because normally we talk about every season together," Toya said. "This season was probably the first season that me and Eugene didn’t share a lot because COVID just kind of kept us separate. You know, he was really busy with work, and we just didn’t have the time."

Dr. Eugene shared that this year has "been particularly tough" for him and his family. "Being an emergency room physician and being on the front line was a challenge. But there was an extra layer of challenge that I’m also the medical director, and at the time was the medical director of two different ERs because I was in the process of transitioning from one job to the next when COVID hit. So I decided to stay at both to kind of lead both teams," he said. "And so I had this singular focus all year that was, obviously, challenging at work but also challenging for the family. That even when I was home, my mind was somewhere else. I was kind of telling the family this is a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, and I’ve got to get us through this."

"It took a toll on our relationship, and things have gotten better, now that I think everybody’s gotten used to COVID being around," Dr. Eugene continued. "But it was very tough in the beginning."

The fact that we see the couples share everything from romantic memories to more challenging moments on Married to Medicine is what makes the series "refreshing and something that is needed in American TV," according to Dr. Eugene. "Seeing other married couples work through ups and downs I think is helpful for other married couples that watch our show," he said. "I really just appreciate the fact that Bravo would continue to have this type of platform to not just show, obviously, women’s relationships with other women, but also couples and how they kind of navigate the day-to-day issues with being married."

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