A Dreamer and a Fighter

A Dreamer and a Fighter

Ariel describes the person he dreams of becoming.

People always say "if you could only see yourself on camera you wouldn't believe the things you say and do" I finally got the opportunity to do that, with our show Miami Social. How many people get that opportunity to watch and see there personality on a real life TV show? Not many. I intend to take advantage of that. Only the twist and turns to see the person that I want to be and the person I don't want to be.

Many friends of mine do not believe I am capable of executing my projects and the things that come to my mind that make me happy and inspire me. When they do not believe that I am capable of doing so it only wants to make me work harder. People that try to shatter your dreams really arent your friends. They become an inspiration to me and actually make me strive harder. "I'm indeed in debt to all of them"

I have always been a dreamer and a fighter. I don't dream for the fun of creating things, I dream to turn them into reality. I believe that people can do whatever they dream of and no one should stop them from believing in that. Im happy that Michael and Maria both had lasic surgery and can see more clearly. Now they should have the "vision" they think I don't have.

Miami Social is intoxicating, provactive and enticing.

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