Josh: Flagg's Face Was Priceless

Josh: Flagg's Face Was Priceless

Josh Altman talks about his retaliation prank and some of the smart listing tactics he used.

Loved the episode this week! The house on Aberdeen is an amazing Altman Brothers listing. It’s been fully restored to its greatness and anyone would be lucky to call that place home. If you take one pointer from this entire episode, it’s that if your home is on a corner of two streets, then make the address the better of the two. This was a game changer for the property when I came up with the idea of the address change. And I must say, it was genius! My clients were so smart to stage the house. I always talk about how important it is to stage empty houses. It gives the buyer a much better idea of the place they could call home. A great strategy when going for a price reduction is to take your seller to see the other comps in the neighborhood. It helps them understand why they need to reduce the asking price, and I have used this method many times before.

I literary laughed out loud when I saw the prank scene of wrapping Flagg’s car with Altman Brother Posters LOL. Payback! His face was priceless.

The previews for the second half of the season are crazy! I can’t wait to see them. Hope you enjoyed it so far.

Still to Come This Season on #MDLLA...
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