Josh: This Is Another One for the Books

Josh: This Is Another One for the Books

Josh talks about selling the Wallace Neff property and reveals why he's having an amazing week.

What a great episode this week. I had so much fun being at the incredible Wallace Neff property that The Altman Brothers sold for $10.5 million. Matt and I have broken numerous records in Bel Air, and this is another one for the books! Our clients Myra and Jeff are amazing people, and we're so happy that we were able to get them not only the price they wanted but even more! It's so rare to find a house that hasn't been on the market ever in Los Angeles. I can't believe the land was bought for $13,500. When these opportunities come up, which is not very often, typically you will get a lot of developers offering on the property. I'm sure one day in the next two years I'll be walking the same property in a $30 million house.

This is an incredibly exciting week for me. My book It's Your Move, hit bookstores yesterday, and I'm currently at one of my many book signings on the East Coast. I always have so much fun speaking to Million Dollar Listing fans, as well as realtors that we have inspired to get into real estate. Everyone make sure to go pick up my book at any bookstore or online, and it doesn't matter if you're in real estate, just starting off in a career, or at the top of your game. This book is for everyone that wants to take their game to the next level. If you're tired of sitting on your couch and figuring out what your next move is going to be in life, or if you want to provide a better life for your family, or you just want that financial freedom you've always dreamed of, this will help you get there!

Talk soon!

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