Fredrik on Keeping it Professional

Fredrik on Keeping it Professional

Fredrik admits to being arrogant and vows to never go down to Ryan's level—and he’s not talking about real estate.

Thanks for watching again. The show is getting more and more intense, and bit darker. Thank God for my little dance-lesson with Derek in advance of our wedding. That scene made me laugh (at myself), and it was a much needed break from the pressure and confrontation.

I want to start by asking a question: what's up with all the cursing? I think Ryan used the f-word five times within 10 minutes of this episode. I have never once used a swearword on this show, because a confident and successful business person shouldn't. Period. I'm surprised and saddened by his language, it seems like the way he talked about women the first season is now the way he talks about gay people? Every time he calls me a name in his interviews and behind my back, it is hurtful. But I will not go down to his level.

Increase in Price, Increase in Drama

Now, I want to set something straight here -- something that Ryan doesn't understand, because he doesn't have any new development experience. New development always uses a phase in advance of an offering plan getting approved where the selling agent TESTS out the market with preliminary price RANGES. It is called CPS-1 approval. So I did this approval process. And it's not only standard, but it's effective when finalizing prices upon the start of actual sales. In a competitive market, where inventory is low and demand is high -- like the one we are in -- it's common that the prices end up much higher than the original and preliminary price RANGES. It is the seller/s right to end up with higher official prices, and it is my job to follow my client's lead.

Yes, I represent my seller. Only. I have a fiduciary duty to my seller, only, and in this case, my duty is to get the highest prices. I am only doing my job. And I do it well. Ryan on the other hand is representing his buyer, and his job is to get his client a unit and try to negotiate. So how can he in one sentence say my prices are ridiculous, and in another one advise his buyer to buy in the building? Which is it? People in the industry know the answer, and 250 Bowery remains one of the quickest sell-outs the last few years -- but you will have to watch the rest of the season to find out just how fast.

In new development, a selling agent NEVER releases all the units in a building at the same time. We release few units in batches, and only the units we release are available, nothing else. Another point Ryan doesn't understand. It's unfortunate, because he is very angry, and he thinks I am acting the way I do to make him angry. I am acting the way that do because it is my job -- to sell at 250 Bowery at record prices according to industry standards.

Lastly, but not least importantly, I do want to admit that I come off arrogant in this episode. It is not my intention to push Ryan's buttons as much as it seems. I was having a bit of fun, yes, even a bit more than Ryan deserves. But remember all the things he has done to me: jumping in my pool, refusing to apologize when I came to his office, calling me all sort of names through his interviews et cetera? I guess we deserve one another, but the true difference between us is that I keep it professional. I have never ever called him a name or said anything mean. And for those who think it was mean and not funny at all when I asked him to high-kick, you need to be tickled and laugh more. Love or hate me, but I am me, and I don't insult people. What I do is to work tirelessly for my clients, and do anything to get the job done. And yes, I have fun filming this show. I'm sure you can tell and have fun with me, but I will work on being less arrogant. It doesn't suit me, nor anyone else.

My last comment on Ryan this episode/season is that there is a lot of whining! Everything seems to be a problem, everything seems to be other people's fault? Grow up, buddy. I think you are a good agent, and you will be great one day! I am the first to say it.

I think I am going to call Bethenny Frankel, take her out to lunch, and ask for her advice and about how she felt after her second season of The Real Housewives of New York. Here I am on a business level completely of my own, and still I am involved in all the drama this second season around -- again. What am I doing wrong??? Mousey and Fritzy tell me I should stick to high-kicking, and Derek's kisses calm me down. But I need to do my own thing moving forward -- doing deals with Michael, Luis and Ryan can only go one way and that is a proven fact.

But you know what they say, after rain there is sun. And next week there will be a lot of sun, on a private island at my wedding. I want you all to come and share the happiest weekend of my life with me, and the 64 guests from all over the world. I am giving you front row tickets. I am excited you will get to meet my family, Derek's family, and see the ups-and-downs of a wedding (yes, there is drama on the island I am afraid to admit to you). I am so incredibly in love with my husband -- he is an angel which you will see, too.

Love you all! And if you want to get updates like this on a daily basis, personal photos, and inspiration to be the best you can be, follow me on my new Facebook page Facebook page.

Now I'm going to drink some green tea. xo

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