Ryan: This Season is a Game Changer

Ryan: This Season is a Game Changer

Ryan drops three sneak peeks to this season and discusses why a real girlfriend and real estate don't mix.

Welcome to Season 3 of the greatest show in the history of the world.

Last season on MDLNY, you saw me bare all in the shower, you saw me jump in a pool at an open house, you saw my brand new office and the new Serhant team, you saw my attempts at raising a pig, you saw me do millions in commission, AND you saw me get back at Fredrik for messing with my business.

Well if you thought that was crazy, I can promise you that this season is definitely a game changer. To back up those claims I want to present three sneak peeks of Season 3 you need to know and get excited about:

First and foremost this season I tackle the biggest and most exciting deal of my career (no really, this is the mother of all listings). Secondly this season dives into my personal life more than any of the previous seasons did. As a result I reveal something about myself that I have never shared before and you will see me in ways you've never seen me before. (No, I am not naked this season -- at least I don't think I am. . .) Finally, if all of that wasn't enough, this season will also feature TWO people who are both small and both yell at me in different languages, stay tuned.


Let's talk about the premiere episode of this season though. In tonight's episode you meet my girlfriend Emilia for the first time. Yes, I have a girlfriend. A real girlfriend. For those of you who don't know, real estate and a real girlfriend are not easy to keep equally happy at all time. But you will have to wait and see how that turns out!

In this episode you also get to meet the coolest penthouse listing at the most coveted address in NYC. This building truly is the only one of its kind in the city. The penthouse features wrap around windows, breathtaking views, soaring celling heights, AND an elevator that will take your car to your doorstep! Say whaaat?!? This listing was the most difficult to get and the hardest to sell. (Which explains my increased gray hair count this season.)

Get excited, get ready, and let's rock this season

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