5 Doable Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Posh Hotel Suite

5 Doable Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Posh Hotel Suite

Feel like you're on permanent vacation.

By Bryce Gruber

Aside from seeing new things and people, travel offers the opportunity to stay in an immaculately clean and well-designed hotel suite — and there's scientific evidence that suggests enjoying such accommodations can actually be good for your health, too. (And there's your argument to your spouse for pulling out that credit card for the poshest hotel on your next trip — you're welcome!)

Indeed, there is actual proof that neat, well-kept interiors lead to healthier and happier people, and from the science, we can only reasonably conclude that we should all be living our best hotel suite style lives — even at home. Here's how to set up a pristine, luxurious, hotel-like environment at home.

1. Up your bed game.

"Beds need to be the focal point of the room," shares Richard Bussiere, managing director of Langham Place, New York. "They need to appear plush and welcoming. The color of the sheets isn’t as critical as the quality of the sheets, although white universally gives a guests a sense of 'clean.'"

One to try: Brooklinen hotel quality linens and duvets. 

2. Add accessories.

"Pillows and duvets are also critical in creating that sense of luxury." Richard recommends loading up on plush throw pillows in design-friendly colors like blue, green, or grey, well-crafted white linens, and neutral throw blankets to achieve the look.

One to try: World Market velvet throw pillows. 

One to try: Cynthia Rowley ombre throw blanket. 

3. Pick your palette.

He also shares that, "High end equals light, bright, warm, with a touch of vibrancy, and furnishings that are comfortable with a sense of design and give a sense of home. Accessories and artwork are critical. Lean towards neutral tones with a pop of color — so pale grey and white, with a touch of blue or green."

One to try: Duvet by Bedface

4. Think like a designer.

It's not just the linens and duvets, though; even design elements such as headboards, breakfast touches, and candles can go a long way in helping achieve the hotel-suite-at-home feeling. Kara Smith, president of Smith/Firestone Associates, a top interior design firm known for helping top hotels like the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills achieve their looks, explains that, "Headboards should be comfortable with the right pitch. I like using an ultra suede or a velvet. If it’s a really buttery leather, that works, too."

One to try: easy-to-install Vant Panels in microsuede 

"Candles can definitely add to the overall atmosphere of a space," she adds. "I usually look for ones with a light, fresh scent."

 One to try: Molton Brown Gingerlily

5. Add conveniences, and clear the clutter.

Both experts agree that it's important to start the foundation of your home hotel suite with a clean, elegant bed, a neutral color scheme, and lots of luxe details that you might not think to add to your room normally, because posh hotels are never just about practicality — they're high on over-the-top finishes and convenience details like espresso machines, velvet slippers, and plush towels for the en suite baths (should you have one).

One to try: VertuoLine by Nespresso

No matter which design accents you choose, though, the most important part of keeping your newfound zen in your home hotel suite is continuing to live a clutter-free, clean life — otherwise, what's the point?

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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