Tara talks about her animal rescue adventure.

Ask yourself, "Have I ever been passionate enough about anything to the point that I would risk my own life?" Whether it's love, family, honor, or whatever it may be, I know in my heart that this fire burns within all of us. Clearly my passion is saving animals, and I'm willing to risk my life to do it.

So in tonight's episode you get a glimpse of how animal rescue can be dangerous, but in the moment I just don't think about it. Instead, my only focus is on these innocent animals who need my help, and that's what keeps me going back time after time. My only regret was dragging Drew along with me. That was beyond stupid on my part, and I will never put another person in harm's way again -- lesson learned. There are times when I don't know if being that passionate is a blessing or a curse! But then again, how could I live any other way?

One of the things I love about this episode was peeking in on my friends' dates. Glenn and Rebecca were too cute for words. I don't think I've ever seen Glenn that happy. Come on, Glenn, give it another shot.

Courtney and the South African were hysterical. He got her to ride the bull in short shorts? Well the fact that Courtney could still look sexy during that ride was amazing!

Oh, Drew and Cody made my heart break. When I see the look of disappointment on Drew's face I get teary-eyed. I know how hard it must have been for him to pretend to be happy that Cody was fulfilling his dream and heading to New York.

Matt and Neill look like they are going to make a go at it. I am so proud of Matt for going on a date and admitting to it. Well kind of. 

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