Project Runway Season 19 Darren Apolonio Head Shot

Darren Apolonio

New York, NY

Age: 27

Darren Apolonio was born in the Philippines, where he was raised by a single mother with his three sisters. In high school, he was obsessed with artists like David Bowie and Lady Gaga and was inspired by their fearless approach to fashion, which ultimately led him into the world of design. He went on to get his BFA in Fashion at SCAD and prides himself on being able to capture feelings and translate them into a garment. Upon graduation, Darren moved to New York and landed internships with several designers and stylists. Additionally, he has created his eponymous line, which features his trademark, over-the-top designs for everyone, regardless of their gender expression. As a proud Asian man, Darren found himself cautious over the past year after multiple racist incidents connected to the pandemic. In time, he decided that he must further celebrate his Asian heritage, together with his zany personality and eclectic design aesthetic, to be part of a new generation of designers with a mission to be unapologetically who you are and shoot for the stars.