Noelle Reid

Dr. Noelle owns Trinity Health and Wellness Center in Beverly Glen and firmly believes in an East meets West approach to medicine. Her duties as a family doctor encompasses everything from giving pap smears and prostate exams to physicals and treating STD's.In addition to her traditional medical practice, she also has a studio where she teaches yoga and meditation multiple times a week. Noelle is all about surviving and thriving, going through residency as a single mom and opening her own medical practice less than a year later. At that time, she felt like her daughter Gabby was her co-pilot and she wondered if she would ever find that special someone, but that all changed five and a half years ago when she met her husband Erin Vines and finally completed the family picture. Being a doctor who owns and operates her own practice, Noelle struggles to balance her family and work life. With the milestone age of 40 on the horizon, this year she is all about reconnecting to herself and being grateful for the things she's accomplished.