Spy Games Season 1 Headshot Erroll Southers

Erroll Southers

Erroll is a former FBI Special Agent who spent most of his time working undercover for Foreign Counterintelligence, Terrorism and SWAT. Prior to being recruited and joining the bureau in 1984, he was police officer in Santa Monica.

After leaving the FBI, he returned to the police force as a gang expert. He finished his uniform career as Assistant Chief, commanding Homeland Security and Intelligence for the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department. A longtime friend of Governor Schwarzenegger, Erroll was appointed Deputy Director of Critical Infrastructure Protection for the California Office of Homeland Security in 2004. He is now a professor at USC, teaching the university’s first Homeland Security course.

As an “Assessor,” Erroll looks for confident competitors who can keep their composure in high-pressure situations.