Nadine Jolie Courtney

When Nadine first met Erik on an online dating site, she was a glamour-loving beauty/travel blogger, and he was a Comic-Con loving tech nerd. Nadine came from a traditional Circassian-Middle Eastern family and Erik had a tumultuous upbringing with his Episcopalian-nun mother. Though they are cut from a different cloth, Nadine has peeled back the layers and discovered that Erik truly is her "Prince Charming". After a whirlwind courtship of only four months, Erik proposed to Nadine in Paris. Now, as they shift out of their honeymoon phase into real life, Erik and Nadine continue to get to know each other and work on finding a common ground. Erik, a people pleaser, always aims to make Nadine happy but faces some challenges pleasing her conservative father. Meanwhile, Nadine who is already a two-time published author, puts strain on herself to complete her third book. Will Erik and Nadine find bliss in their first year of marriage, or will these two strangers realize that they are way in over their heads?