Odette Fada

After earning a degree in culinary arts in Italy and working with Gianfranco Vissani in Orvieto and Rome, Chef Odette Fada went to Los Angeles to become chef for the renowned Rex Il Ristorante by Mauro Vincenti. Fada has cooked for Italian enthusiasts as well as Oscar® parties and the Grammy® Awards, all while searching for the finest Italian ingredients available. In 1996, Fada went on to the famous San Domenico New York, Tony May's restaurant on Central Park South in Manhattan. Starting Spring 2010, Chef Fada became consulting chef for several major Italian pasta companies. She has been honored with various nominations including the James Beard Award, the White Truffle Award, Wine Spectator, Forchetta d'oro in Brescia, and ICMC(Italian Culinary Master Chef).