Patricia Yeo

By melding elements of an international upbringing that took her from Malaysia to England to the United States with a precision that she honed as a trained scientist, Chef Patricia Yeo has created an innovative, elegant cuisine. Born in Oregon, she attended boarding school in England. She was on her way to completing a biochemistry degree at Princeton University when she enrolled in a cooking class at the New York Restaurant School to try something different. There she met Bobby Flay, and they worked together at the Miracle Grill, Mesa Grill, and Bolo.  After working in restaurants on the east and west coasts, Yeo opened the eclectic Asian-inspired American restaurant, AZ, in New York City in 1999. In late 2007, Yeo moved to South East Asia to learn the food ways and culture of the region. While traveling in Asia she worked as a restaurant consultant for various hotels and boutique resorts. In 2009, Yeo moved from New York to Boston to open Ginger Park. Now in Cambridge at Om Restaurant & Lounge, Yeo brings innovative and inspirational cooking in theme with Om and its Asian-Fusion palate. And most recently, Chef Yeo became the chef of a brand new restaurant also in Cambridge, called Moksa which features Asian street food.