Caitlyn Jenner Discusses Being Isolated from Her Children: "They've All Moved On"

Caitlyn Jenner Discusses Being Isolated from Her Children: "They've All Moved On"

The transgendered star bared her thoughts in a revealing interview.

By Tamara Palmer

Caitlyn Jenner has found herself staying at home and lamenting the emotional distance that seems to have grown between her and at least some of her kids (which includes six biological children and four stepchildren) following her transition and journey to acceptance in the trans community.

“I got the trans community out there bashing on me, I got the Kardashians out there bashing on me,” she told Broadly in a newly-published interview that took place last fall. “All I do is sit here in the house and try to stay out of trouble.”

"I spend a lot of time by myself here in the house," she revealed. "I have a lot of children, but sometimes just because of circumstances, maintaining a close relationship with your kids is very tough. They all have lives. They've all moved on."

Caitlyn reiterated a revelation from her book: That she had already begun transitioning before she met Kris Jenner, and after their first child Kendall was born, she had liposuction to remove her budding breasts.

“I cried," she recalled. "But I also had made the decision; it wasn’t time. I still had kids to raise.”

Many of her kids are currently experiencing growing families, including new moms Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian's third child, born by surrogate. And Caitlyn seems to still have hope for the future.

"We're just human beings; we're going to be here for a very short time," she explained. "We come and we go and at the end, when it's all said and done, hopefully your family is going to be there."

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