Guess What? Your Mom Totally Hated Your Mother’s Day Gift

Guess What? Your Mom Totally Hated Your Mother’s Day Gift

Your mother is being polite. She faked her reaction. Sorry.


By Marianne Garvey

She’s not mad, she’s just … disappointed.

Your sweet mom opens the gift you gave her on Mother’s Day and the “ooh and ahh” you hear from her likely isn’t real. A new survey conducted by Groupon finds that 40 percent of moms are faking their reaction to gifts they receive on their big day, and secretly, really, truly hate that ugly thing you got them.

And if you heard one of these reactions, it’s a telltale sign she’s disappointed — in you, your life, all that potential … no, just the gift. She’s upset with the gift. “Thank you,” “Awww!” “I love it,” “Wow,” “This is great, thanks,” and “I really need one of these!” are all masking her deep, deep pain that you really didn’t care enough to buy the woman who birthed you something nice like a spa day or some jewelry.

Ask a sibling.

To better ensure mom will actually have a Happy Mother’s Day, people usually asked a sibling for gift advice. The survey said 66 percent of Americans said they checked in with their brothers or sisters to see what they bought their mom. On average, those asked said they spent $75 on a gift. I mean, the woman only put you through college. But, siblings weren’t always a help — 55 percent of those with a brother or sister deliberately try to give their mom a better gift and write a better card.

Mom’s favorite gift on Sunday was time away from parenting duties. That was followed by something with a sentimental meaning, to be taken out for brunch, a homemade item, a family trip or a simple card.

In their cards, sons and daughters were most likely to thank mom for putting food on the table, teaching respect for others, helping to learn manners, showing them how to be kind, doing laundry and exhibiting generosity.

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