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All the Women Jamie Foxx Has Been Spotted with Since His Rumored Split From Katie Holmes (UPDATED)

It's been quite some time since Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been photographed together... but, then again, they've never officially confirmed a relationship to begin with.

By Morgan Ashley Parker
Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx

UPDATE (March 28, 2019 12:01 pm) As if they knew we were talking about them — it was actually 86 days since the couple had been spotted together as news just came out the Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes looked possibly NOT not together in NYC on Monday, according to the Daily Mail.

The couple headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art ... they weren't touching or anything, but that shouldn't be a shock as sources have already said that "they aren't a couple who is going to stroll down the street holding hands." (Yet.)

The original story continues below.

88 days. That's how long it's been since Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have appeared together in public. The notoriously shy (maybe) couple were reported to be dating since 2013... but that all came to a screeching halt on Feb. 24, the night of the 2019 Academy Awards.

There have been so many rumors swirling about their relationship since reports of it first emerged, including a divorce settlement clause which required her to not publicly date for five years (following her 2012 split from Tom Cruise). Then there are the claims that Foxx is unwilling to commit and that Holmes is “infatuated with” him, according to an insider who also told US Weekly back in January that "Jamie does care for [Katie], but his recent behavior makes people question that." Uh, yeah, we'd say so.

So, where are we now? Let's recap.

December 2018

It all started to go south (both apparently and literally) at the end of last year. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were spotted on the luxury Utopia IV mega yacht off Miami right before the New Year, after celebrating her 40th birthday together on Dec. 18 in NYC.

Holmes left the ship on Dec. 29 to head out skiing with her daughter, Suri over, the actual holiday (as evidenced on Instagram). Yes, that's 88 days ago at the time of typing these words.

Then, just one day later, Foxx was spotted on the very same yacht with another woman, Olivia Culpo (along with Cara Santana and her boyfriend, Jesse Metcalfe). Hey, maybe he had a weekly rate or something? Either way, rumors swirled as he was posing for photos while the former Miss Universe was clad in just a bikini top and short denim cutoffs.

It could all be on the up and up as the actor was also said to be hosting a celeb-filled party on the same boat — and Holmes could have already been planning to follow her call of (mother) duty for NYE.

January 2019

One week later (on Jan. 6), Jamie Foxx gushed about his trip with Katie Holmes (according to Us Weekly), saying, "It was foolish." Hmm, since we weren't there to hear him, we'll go with it as a gush and not a serious statement. But, it does seem like it could be an omen...

February 2019

Flash forward to the Oscars, where he not only rolled solo, he casually dropped the bombshell that he wasn't in a relationship at all while performing at the Entertainment Studios Oscar Gala. Cue the shock.

Then, more rumors came — one that he was looking rather flirty with Natasha Blasick, one of the co-stars of his upcoming film All-Star Weekend that same actual weekend, and another that he was cuddling with Jessica Szohr at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Oscar Party (xoxo, Gossip Girl).

March 2019

Now that everyone is on high alert, the actor has been snapped pretty much any time he even speaks to a woman, and if he hugs her... forget it. Take this unknown woman who he hugged in public (!) after a group dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills.

Most recently, he went on a walk with his ex-girlfriend Kristin Grannis on Sunday, March 24. The two share — and were joined by — their daughter, Annalise. This could just be some civil co-parenting... or could it be a sign of something rekindled? Well, even if the old saying "where there’s smoke, there’s fire" doesn’t hold true, there’s no reason not to still fan these flames.

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