Why You Should Block an Ex on Social Media (For a Little While Anyway)

Why You Should Block an Ex on Social Media (For a Little While Anyway)

Ariana Grande reveals Pete Davidson has blocked her for his health. 

By Marianne Garvey

Pete Davidson has reportedly blocked all of Ariana Grande’s social media accounts — but that’s a good thing, as he’s trying to “distance himself from her narrative for his health,” according to one report.

Grande confirmed she’s blocked, telling followers to be kind to her ex-fiance on social media, adding that she herself couldn't see the bullying comments because she is blocked.

“I haven’t seen any of [the bullying] because I’m blocked but I want you to know that I would never want or encourage that ever and you should know that. I care about him deeply,” she wrote. 

The Saturday Night Live star blocked his ex after her fans’ cyberbullying of him escalated. Now, he’s focusing on his mental health and has even begun dating again, according to US Weekly. “Pete is dating again," a source told the publication. “He’s in a good place and he’s happy. He’s not in a rush. He’s focusing on himself and the future.”

In order to move on, disconnecting from your ex online is a smart move, experts say. One 2012 study found that staying friends with an ex on social media was “associated with a more difficult emotional recovery from a breakup and was associated with less personal growth.”

Also this type of contact is “associated with greater sadness and love for the ex-partner.” 

Experts also remind us that it’s not petty as it will help you move on. Remaining friends online or always seeing pictures of your ex can make a definitive split drag on for ages, can turn your ex into an unhealthy obsession, and make it difficult to watch them move on.

According to Huffington Post, "While you may be well aware that your ex is moving on, it's different when the evidence is right in front of you. Instead of being blissfully unaware and moving forward, seeing this photo has pushed you two-steps back."

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