New Dating App Will Use Your Spit — Yes, Spit — to Help You Find the Perfect Match

New Dating App Will Use Your Spit — Yes, Spit — to Help You Find the Perfect Match

Is this an episode of Black Mirror?

By Jen Glantz

It seems like every day there's a newly announced dating app vying for your attention and eager to help you find the person of your dreams. Many times they seem like iterations of existing apps but sometimes they come with nearly unimaginable idiosyncrasies.

For example, last year, we saw dating apps that matched you with people based on mutual things you hate or how much of a gym buff you are, and even one that’s geared toward self-proclaimed geeks who want to meet other self-proclaimed geeks.

Still, the most eye-popping dating app we've heard of lately is Pheramor which launches in Houston this February.

While it might sound like the newest pharmaceutical drug that you’ve been hearing about in TV commercials, it’s not — this app aims to match you with that perfect someone ... using your spit.

What stands out about their method of love matching isn’t the information they make you fill out on your profile, or how they connect you with mutual connections, but the fact that they ask you to swab your mouth, send it in for review, and then use their algorithm to help you discover the most compatible singles.

Yes, you are swabbing your actual mouth for this app and they, in turn, are using 11 genes, that are proven by scientists to be responsible for attraction, to help you meet the best match.

It’s not just their gene analysis that makes them unique, they also have features that allow you to schedule a second date via the app, if both parties agree the first date went well, plus a no-catfishing policy, that uses the person’s genetic profile and their data to confirm that they are the real deal.

Swiping right and left may get you nowhere, which is why you might consider swiping your cheeks with a Q-Tip instead. Either way, this is just one of many new dating apps that will make us say, “Are you serious?” in 2018, as the journey to find love gets more complicated than ever.

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