Prince George Adorably Asks Santa for Just One Thing for Christmas

Prince George Adorably Asks Santa for Just One Thing for Christmas

It's fast and loud ... and a totally reasonable request.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

When you're royalty, you can probably ask for pretty much anything for Christmas. (Don't ruin this for us, British parents.) If you want to move to puppy island, the private jet awaits. If you want a $60,000 tea party, the invitations are already in the mail. You want a full-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon in your backyard, that's only a tad bit unreasonable.

But, that's coming from us adults who already know there's no Santa Claus. When thinking about what we asked for as kids — or what kids ask for now — the choices can say a lot about the lifestyle and expectations in the family's home.

Now take Prince George for example, he's just a kid ... but he's also third in line to the throne. He goes to a super normal school and has been known to prefer pajamas to proper pants ... but he seems to really enjoy OTT experiences like seaplane piloting. So, what went on his Christmas list? It's not miles long. In fact, it only includes one thing.

One. Thing. And the thing is ... a police car. How adorable is that? The only thing more adorable is his cute handwriting on the actual note itself. We're pretty sure if his royal parents don't get him that, new auntie-to-be Meghan Markle surely has his back. And, for all the Grinches out there, sure, he could be requesting a real, life-size police car with actual policeman driver, but we're gonna stick with the toy idea. Remember, he's only four.

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