The Divorce Rate in America Has Plummeted — Thanks to Millennials

The Divorce Rate in America Has Plummeted — Thanks to Millennials

Turns out millennials are actually very smart when it comes to picking a life partner. 

By Marianne Garvey

Jax Taylor can thank Brittany Cartwright for being the mature one. It’s also perfect that she’s a millennial (Jax is not at 39), because, turns out, millenials are responsible for the declining U.S. divorce rate.

According to a new analysis of U.S. Census data by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen, the divorce rate in America has dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016 thanks to millennials and their picky ways. They choose partners more carefully and delay marriage until their finances and careers are strongly in place.

Specifically, millennial women are to thank, the study notes they usually have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and are less likely to already have children when they enter into marriage.

And divorce rates will continue to drop, reports the study.

“Because divorce rates have continued to fall for younger women, and because the risk profile for newly married couples has shifted toward more protective characteristics (such as higher education, older ages, and lower rates of higher-order marriages), it appears certain that — barring unforeseen changes — divorce rates will further decline in the coming years,” reports the study. “The composition of new marriages, along with the shrinking demographic influence of Baby Boom cohorts, all but guarantees falling divorce rates in the coming years.”

Baby boomers are the age group who are most likely to get divorced. Factoring in they usually married very young and women were less educated, they continue to get divorced today.

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