What Made This Bridezilla Secretly Fatten Her Bridesmaids?

What Made This Bridezilla Secretly Fatten Her Bridesmaids?

"I told them I wanted us all to look our best on the big day, so I was making them this special slimming smoothie.” (Spoiler: She wasn't.)

By Jen Glantz

One of the biggest wedding shocks that we hear again and again is  brides asking their wedding parties for the most ridiculous things. In years past, bridesmaids rolled their eyes at wedding requests of semi-ugly and overpriced bridesmaid dresses, weekend bachelorette parties to Vegas where they were asked to shell out cash from their savings accounts to cover bottle service, and bridesmaid contracts they were forced to sign before they said the official “I do” to taking on this role. 

But to finish the year off on a strong “wedding weird” foot, one bride has taken her bridesmaid boujeeness to the very next level. 

A woman admitted on Whimn that she spent the months before her wedding secretly fattening up her two sisters, who were her bridesmaids, before her wedding. 

The bride, named Penny, said she’s always felt like the “Jan Brady” beside her two stunning older sisters, and started to get stressed, and obsessed, over her wedding pictures, which she’d have to look at for the rest of her life. 

What she did to make sure she looked better than her sisters takes the cake when it comes to wedding crazy. She didn’t just make them wear bridesmaid dresses that were eye-sores or have them wear their hair in beehive-looking updos. No. Instead, she secretly gave them a magic potion that would make them gain weight. 

“[By] far the worst thing I did was to fatten up my sisters in the months leading up to the wedding,” she wrote. The three sisters and Penny’s fiancé live together, so “every morning I was a picture of sunshine and morning glow as I insisted on making breakfast smoothies for everyone. I told them I wanted us all to look our best on the big day, so I was making them this special slimming smoothie.” 

Penny full-on admitted to buying weight-loss shakes and emptying the contents of the container, filling it with a “mega-weight gain protein powder” that she found in a bodybuilding shop.  

By the time her wedding rolled around, her sisters had to have their dress altered to “accommodate their thickening waistlines.” 

So why do brides become bridezillas before their wedding?  

Heidi McBain, an LMFT, says that they may have had a perfect picture of their wedding in their mind since they were a child, and feel that everyone around them is there to make these dreams a reality for them. 

“They may also have some hidden resentment towards their bridesmaids; they may feel like some look better then they do and will somehow 'steal the show.' This goes back to how the bride is feeling inside and their own insecurities,” McBain says. 

So if you’re a bridesmaid who feels like the bride is starting to spin out of control with her requests, demands, and plots to make your life hard, McBain says to take a step back and confront the bride ASAP.

“Remind the bride about what’s most important on their wedding day, that the little details will fall into place, that even if there are any unforeseen problems, these are things that will make their wedding fun and unique and make for great stories in the future, as long as they can keep their sense of humor,” McBain says.

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