Watch This Secret Crush Revealed: She’s Dreaming of a Tall Adonis … But He Comes Up Short

Watch This Secret Crush Revealed: She’s Dreaming of a Tall Adonis … But He Comes Up Short

Can she overlook his small stature for a chance at love?

By Personal Space Staff

Chances are you've had a crush on someone at some point in your life. And just reading those words likely brings back vivid memories that you may not be so excited to recall. (Sorry about that.) 

Well, we're here for you. Bravo’s new digital series, Secret Crush, explores real-life crushes who are ready to get some real-life answers. This story starts with an admirer who's revealing his long-time crush on a glamorous woman who attends all his parties. He thinks she adores him ... but is he right? Watch the video above to see it all go down.

How do you handle crushes? We asked experts for tips on turning someone down gently, but also in a way where they actually understand what's happening.

"Honesty and kindness have to lead the discussion," advises Alex Williamson el-Effendi, Head of Brand at Bumble. "This takes us all back to grade school, but think of the Golden Rule — put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and respond in the way you hope someone would respond to you."

"When someone doesn't 'get it' the first time you let him or her down, especially after a date, it's important to first look at whether you were clear in your desire not to see this person again," Erika Ettin, Online Dating Coach and Founder of A Little Nudge advises. "'I'm busy' gives someone hope. 'I didn't feel a connection' doesn't."

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