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Barry Smith: I am Truly Sorry for Any Hurt I Caused

Barry Smith addresses the confrontation from this week's episode. What was going through your mind during the altercation with Jon’s friend?
Barry Smith: During the altercation, all I saw was a man that was disrespecting my wife in front of me. Tamica is a grown woman and can handle herself in situations, but as soon as the name calling began, I lost my cool and stepped in to defend Tamica. How did you feel about what happened afterward?
Afterward, I thought about my choice of words and immediately knew I had crossed a line. I apologized to Kway the same night and vowed to myself never use that hurtful word again. What have you learned from this experience?
I’ve learned that no matter how angry you are, you must choose your words wisely, because they will have consequences. I’m not making excuses for my actions am truly sorry for any hurt I caused. This was not in my character and I’m sorry it happened. You’re never too old to learn a life lesson.

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