Andy Cohen: I Turned Gaga's Pee Into Perfume

Andy Cohen: I Turned Gaga's Pee Into Perfume

The WWHL host explains why it's "a cultural artifact."

By Sarv Kreindler


Did you know that alcohol + urine = perfume? One, er, lucky production assistant on What What Happens Live discovered that trivia gem when Lady Gaga dropped by the clubhouse back in September.

The story, as Andy Cohen recounted it on Late Night last night, goes like this: Lady Gaga had to go to the little monsters' room and she couldn't find a bathroom. "So she peed in a trashcan in her 'dressing room'—we don't really have dressing rooms," Andy reveals. Not that he was perturbed. "She's a superstar, she's Lady Gaga, she can pee wherever she wants as far as I'm concerned."

Not only was Andy unfazed, but the show host had an even more enterprising idea. "I said to our P.A.s, 'You guys, we gotta do something with Gaga's pee. That's a pop culture artifact.'"

Andy's idea was to bottle it up and keep it in the clubhouse, until it was discovered that, unsurprisingly, urine becomes toxic—unless it is combined with alcohol. Because that is when it becomes perfume.

Gaga herself is aware that her pee-fume is in Andy's hands. In fact, she's the one who first brought it up. While she was watching Bravo and tweeting advice to Lisa Vanderpump last weekend, she also mentioned the bottle. "U HAVE BEEN WARNED IF HE TRIES TO SPRITZ U" she tweeted.

We're thinking Eau de Gaga smells something like unicorns and self-esteem. Or maybe just pee. What do you think Gaga's pee-fume smells like?

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