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The Daily Dish Below Deck

Here's What's Next for the Below Deck Crew After Season 11

Discover where the Below Deck yachties ended up after departing St. David. 

By Sophie Vilensky

After another season of seafaring drama, Below Deck Season 11 has come to an end. Episode 17 aired on Monday, May 27, marking the end of the crew's time on the St. David — but not the end of their always-interesting stories.

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Keep scrolling to find out what cast members including Captain Kerry TitheradgeNick TatlockFraser Olender, Xandi Olivier, Barbie Pascual, Cat BaughParis Field, Ben Willoughby, Marie "Sunny" Marquis, Kyle Stillie, and Dylan Pierre De Villiers revealed at the end of the season.

Where the Below Deck Season 11 Yachties Stand After the Finale

Nick Tatlock

"St. David, I love you," said the chef when leaving. "It's been fun, but I'm not going to leave the couch for a while."

And if he happened to miss his flight? You could find him at the bar.

Fraser Olender

At the end of the charter season, Fraser was found in the laundry room giving his shirt one last press.

"Goodbye, old girl," he said while leaving the boat. "I had goals coming into this season, and this year I think I really nailed them. Was it perfect? No. But I'd rather learn from my mistakes than regret what I've done."

Fraser Olender behind the bar on the St. David yacht.

Barbie Pascual

Barbie actually left the boat a bit early, choosing to depart the night before everyone else following an argument with Xandi. 

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Barbie Teases What's Next For Her — and Kyle — After the Below Deck Season 11 Finale

When Captain Kerry called her to check in the next day, she told him, "I'm just disappointed that this all went down like this..I'm done, you know?"

Her next step: trying to book a night in a nice villa before heading home to her parents' house.

Xandi Olivier

"I feel disappointed that it ended like this," said Xandi of her argument with Barbie. However, she has other things to attend to — like her next job. "I'm going back to yacht life, but, yeah, I need to start thinking about land life," she added later in the episode. "I am hopeful to have that unconditional, magic love that people write f-cking stories about and have babies and a happy ever after. Love and light to everyone, I'm out."

Xandi Olivier and Sunny Marquis setting the slide up on the yacht.

Paris Field

It's all work and no play for Paris.

"It is a bit sad saying bye to everyone," said Paris before hitting the road. "When I get home, I'm going to go straight back to work. I manage a house and then I work on a boat like once a week. I need money. I'm expensive."

Ben Willoughby

After upsetting Captain Kerry during cabin checks, Ben decided to leave the season on a high note and apologize to his boss.

"I had a bit of time to think about it, and seeing you as upset as you were, we were wrong. I'm sorry, mate. I really apologize," he shared.

The captain said that Ben coming up to apologize meant a lot and took courage. "For Ben to dig deep and apologize wholeheartedly, to take responsibility, that takes a lot I commend him," he said in a confessional.

The lead deckhand also made a confession to another coworker: Sunny.

"I'd like to see where this goes," he told her on their last night out. "I'd love to take you on a date in Miami."

And he got his wish, leaving the boat with Sunny (metaphorically) on his arm — he was actually carrying her suitcase for her.

"I'm heading to Miami, gonna try and find some work there," he explained to Captain Kerry of his future plans. In a confessional, he added a bit more insight: "I walked onto St. David as the lead deckhand and now I'm leaving as the bosun. I don't know what the future holds. I think I'll take it step by step, see how I go with Sunny, and who knows."

Marie "Sunny" Marquis

"I feel like I've done pretty well as a first-time deckhand," shared Sunny after helping to pull up the anchor for the last time. And it's true — she's come far since forgoing her life jacket during the first charter. "I'm proud of myself," she explained in French.

While Sunny said yes to Ben's request for a date in Miami, she said a part of her is still wary of boatmances. Still, she's "such a hopeless romantic" and is hoping something "fruitful" comes out of their connection.

The pair even ended up leaving the boat together. Très romantique.

Kyle Stillie

Before Kyle departed the ship, he called his mom to tell her she "might have a visit from a lady," a.k.a. Barbie. "In all seriousness, I actually think I fell in love," he added, going on to note in a confessional that he hasn't brought many girls home to meet his family.

Still, the last crew night out swayed things in a rough direction when Barbie got into an argument with the crew. She ended up texting Kyle to change his flight because she doesn't want to see him.

"Even though I lost my girl last night, I love the job and I love the team. I'm real proud of myself," announced Kyle, who had just figured out a place to stay in Miami. "Bit of a shame that I'm not leaving with a girl, but I'm going to Miami still, so."

Kyle Stillie of Below Deck Season 11 wearing his yachting uniform.

Dylan Pierre De Villiers

Dylan's next steps? Bulking up, apparently.

"I just can't stop thinking about all the protein I can buy," he shared after receiving his final tip. "I can already feel the pre-workout."

Before departing, he also sat down for a chat with Captain Kerry, who noted that he'd work with the eager employee again. 

"I actually just got a job today," noted Dylan, adding that he'd be working on a 44-foot boat. Later, he joked in a confessional that his future in yachting looks like him owning his own yacht someday. 

Captain Kerry Titheradge

Captain Kerry Titheradge smiling on the St. David yacht.

"I'm not upset that this is the last docking in this windy-ass place," explained Captain Kerry after the St. David put its anchors down in Granada, Spain. "I'm looking forward to getting this old girl back in the slip."

After they were docked and the guests had departed, Captain Kerry addressed the crew, telling them they'd exceeded his expectations over the last six weeks. "Man, have I got a lot to say. I've been doing this since I was 18. I'm 47 now, though I don't look it. I've never seen a team work together as well," he shared during their last tip meeting. 

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