Bd Paris

Paris Field

• Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
• Birth date: August 20
• Zodiac sign: Leo
• Years of experience in the yachting industry: 6 years 
• Favorite off boat activities: Snowboarding 
• Special skills: Videography and photography 
• Do you know any other Below Deck franchise yachties? Yes, Natalya Scudder from Below Deck Med 
• What Bravo shows do you watch? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other Below Deck franchises 
• What do you do in your off time on the boat? Seek inner peace and food.
• Who is your best friend on St. David? Fraser, and my roomie Xandi.
• Who do you miss most from home when you're traveling for work? My big bed 
• What is your wildest charter guest story from your career? Guests wanted tequila shots with mountain goats 
• What was your first impression of St. David? This boat has some stories to tell, and whose great aunt decorated the interior.
• Favorite place you've been on charter/place you traveled? Fteri Beach, Kefalonia, Greece 
• Sum up this season in three words? Live Laugh Love