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The Daily Dish Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Med's Aesha Scott Thanks Fans for Support After Sharing She's a Rape Survivor

The second stew is truly touched by the fan response.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Aesha Scott thanked fans for their love and support after sharing that she's a rape survivor in Monday night's episode of Below Deck Mediterranean.

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The second stew showed her gratitude in an emotional video in her Instagram Story on Tuesday, July 30. "Good morning, everyone. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I'm just feeling a little bit overwhelmed this morning because everyone's, I've just gotten so many messages and comments and things from everyone. All of your love and support, I'm just getting so much love from everywhere. It's just very overwhelming," Aesha said. "I'm just so grateful, and I can't believe how many kind and beautiful souls that are out there that are willing to show their love and extend their hand. I just think it's so beautiful, so thank everyone so much."

Aesha said that she initially wasn't sure about opening up about what happened in her past on Below Deck Med. "I just really wanted to show other girls and boys that things like that can happen to you and that it doesn't need to define you and define your whole path in life. And that there's still so much love and life and happiness after the fact," she explained. "And so, I just thought if I can reach even one person, then it's so worth it for me. And I think that's kind of the responsibility that I want to take on [with] having this kind of platform is just trying to share these positive messages and support and love to other people around the world."

Anastasia Surmava commended Aesha for her strength on Twitter on Monday night. "Girl has been through a lot.. and always SMILING," she tweeted. "We love you babe."

Aesha responded to Anastasia on Twitter, "I couldn’t do it without the endless love from people like you. Love you!"

Aesha opened up more about sharing her story with Jack Stirrup after he made a joke during one of the crew's nights out during the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 After Show, which you can view, above. "You could see that he was just heartbroken, you know, just couldn't stop hugging me and was just on the verge of tears," she said. "He definitely felt bad about it."

Jack showed remorse for the moment during the Below Deck Med After Show. "Just thinking about the fact that I joked about something could have brought something up, which might have brought her back to a place which is a horrible situation, it genuinely upset me and probably made me realize how much of a strong person she was. I mean, someone that can happen to, it can ruin your life. It has ruined lives, it will continue to ruin lives," Jack said. "I think seeing how positive she is every day and she's open to talking about it, she's got a lot of layers, doesn't she, Aesha? She's like an onion."

Jack said that he has learned a valuable lesson from the experience. "It's insensitive, yeah, obviously. Do you know what? I don't regret saying it, to be honest," he explained. "Finding out after that she had been raped in the past, I never talked about the situation with her because she didn't bring it up with me. But it made me realize to not say it again. I might say that again in front of someone who didn't have the guts or the courage to talk about it. Not one of me proudest moments definitely, but like I said, I'm not glad I said it, but I don't regret it because it is a massive point of realization for me."

Aesha has overcome so much adversity in her life, including the passing of her brother, which she has also opened up about on Below Deck Med. However, you would never know it given her ever-present bubbly, upbeat personality.

Aesha attributes some of her tenacity to growing up with a mom who struggled with alcohol abuse. "We were exposed to that from a really young age. And so I think just from that, I became really resilient really young, so nothing really fazed me anymore. So yeah, I think just from the upbringing is just like, 'Whatever, it'll be fine.' I think I'm just a very resilient person," she shared during an interview with The Daily Dish in New York City earlier this month. "Like, obviously when my brother died, I had sadness, but I wasn't full-fledged depressed. It definitely was something that I really struggled with. And I had my moments where I would break down and cry and that kind of thing. I think I somehow handled it quite well. And yeah, I feel bad because I wish that everyone else could be like that."

But really, this positive attitude is just something that comes naturally to Aesha. "It's just my outlook on life is don't stress about things that you can't control because how is stressing going to help anything? So be happy and appreciate the things that are good and having a lot of gratitude," she said. "And then you realize that every day is awesome, you know?"

Hear more of Aesha's story, below.

Aesha Scott Opens Up About Being a Rape Survivor
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